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100 years old? Let’s go to the strip club!

Gioacchino “Jack” Poma recently turned 100, and to celebrate this milestone, his daughter Dina “paid” for strippers for her daddy.

Dina took Jack to a men’s club called The Lodge on the Dallas side of town, since her father likes women, especially big chested ones. Hence the logic of celebrating his 100th birthday at a strip club.

Jack hadn’t been in a strip club since he was young, so when he arrived at the club on Halloween night, he was like a kid in a sandbox.

Of course, the dancers were surprised that Dina would bring her “hundred-year-old” dad into such a club, but as she pointed out, “we only have one life to live.”

To make sure everything went smoothly, Dina stayed close to her father as the dancers performed several birthday dances for him.

Everything went perfectly, and the owners of the club are ready to welcome back Jack, who lost his first wife 12 years ago and his second last year.

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