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600 million settlement in Ohio derailment case
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In a landmark decision, Norfolk Southern has settled a class action lawsuit related to the highly controversial February 2023 derailment of a freight train in East Palestine, Ohio, USA, for $600 million.

The settlement follows a class action seeking compensation for the incendiary incident that resulted in the release of hazardous substances from several freight cars, forcing the evacuation of nearly 1,500 residents due to the potential threat of explosion.

Recall that on the night of February 3 in East Palestine, a town of around 4,800 near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, Norfolk Southern freight train cars derailed due to a mechanical problem with an axle on one of the vehicles on a 150-car train, which was carrying toxic chemicals.

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The settlement aims to resolve class action claims within a 20-mile (32 km) radius of the derailment site, as well as personal injury claims within a 10-mile (16 km) radius. Nevertheless, local residents, heavily impacted by the accident, are expressing concern about the possible long-term health effects of the many toxic products released into the soil, water and air.

Norfolk Southern has so far admitted no wrongdoing in this matter.

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