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9000$ for Taylor Swift tickets… gone!

Sydney Wallace is a Taylor Swift fan and she claims she was charged $9,000 for tickets she didn’t end up getting.

Wallace had to wait for eight hours to get to the SeatGeek checkout, which did not allow her to complete her purchase, and yet charged her… 14 tickets!

“I waited in line for Taylor Swift tickets for 8 hours today. And SeatGeek charged me 14+ times for tickets I never got to buy! So now my bank accounts (on multiple cards) are frozen, I’m broke, he (the fraudster) found out about my accounts, and I did NOT get tickets,” the 25-year-old tweeted.

Evidently, Wallace contacted SeatGeek to demand a refund for tickets she paid for, but didn’t get, and was told by someone that she would have to wait 3-5 days for a refund.

According to the information she was forwarded, the fee should clear in 24 hours, and she will be able to get tickets at the public sale on Friday (new date rescheduled by SeatGeek).

Recall that last week, when ticket sales for her “Eras Tour” opened, Swift went ballistic as Ticketmaster ran into a ton of trouble when the market opened.

Let’s hope that this situation, which is very unpleasant for Taylor Swift, will be resolved quickly!

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