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A Beatles fan saw John Lennon… in a beer glass!

A fanatic of the Beatles fan visited the legendary band’s memorial site on his birthday, and when they (he and his friends) ordered pints of beer… poured in front of them, the fan said he saw John Lennon ‘s face in his friend’s glass…

Lee Baker, the fan in question, was in the Cavern Club pub in Liverpool with some friends, and it was there that he saw Lennon’s face in the foam of his friend’s beer.

So he felt as if the missing Beatles and Lennon were sending him a sign from beyond.

“When I saw John Lennon’s face in my friend’s pint, it was a little scary, it was like a sign (…) It’s been a joke between us ever since,” he pointed out to the NY Post.

Lee said the image of Lennon in the haze was the one before the beard, in the years when the Imagine singer was more “clean”.

“John Lennon is my favorite Beatle. I love the fact that he was a little off the wall, a genius, he was pretty angry sometimes, he was outspoken!” said Baker about his love for Lennon.

What a story!

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