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A couple got married in a gas station bathroom
Credit: TikTok/hopshopconveniencestore

A Kentucky couple, Tiana Abney and Logen, got married in the restroom of Verona’s “HOP shops” gas station, following some jokes that led to this unusual wedding.

The wedding took place on Valentine’s Day and the gas station owners took care of the $700-800 fee, while treating them to a gorgeous cake.

Tiana and Logen weren’t alone in the bathroom, as parents, siblings, friends, cousins and co-workers were also present. Everyone was present for this unique ceremony!

During the ceremony, the people at the gas station closed the toilet for two hours, and offered free drinks to the other customers as a thank-you for this slightly disturbing party.


Shop HOP was truly proud to have orchestrated a wedding between two exceptional people, delivering a beautiful message on its website: “Love has no limits… and that true romance can be found in the most unexpected places!”

It makes you wonder if the couple will enjoy discounts for life at this very open-minded gas station!

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