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A dog gives birth to 21 puppies in 27 hours
An adorable two-year-old Great Dane gave birth to 21 puppies in 27 hours, becoming a supermom who made quite an epic achievement.

This extraordinary news was delivered by WVVA, a CNN affiliated television station.

Namine the dog, owned by Pocahontas, Virginia resident Tanya Dubbs, lost two of the 21 puppies she gave birth to.

The owner was surprised by the number of dogs, she expected Namine to give birth to between 13 and 14 puppies. Note that all the puppies weighed more than a kilo when they came out of mom.

“We got to 16 puppies, then she had another one. I was sitting on the bed and she was on the bed with me and I was talking to a friend and I heard a gush of liquid and I looked and I said we have another puppy,” Ms. Dubbs said on WVVA.

Of course, Dubbs’ goal is to sell the litter of puppies once they are weaned from their mothers. In addition, she will donate the proceeds from the sale of the first puppy to the local animal shelter!

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