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A dog jumps into the water to attack a shark!

The world’s bravest dog remains in the Bahamas, having dived into the sea without question to attack a 12-foot shark in front of frightened British tourists who were on a tour.

In the video, the shark can be seen “lurking in the water” when it sees the dog jump in to play with it. Also on the video, you can hear the tourists yelling at the dog to get him out of the water!

You can clearly hear “get out of there baby” or “stop chasing him”, but none of that worked and the dog continued to play with the shark that was hiding underneath him.

The dog seems to have won this episode, as the shark moved away and did not come back, which was a relief to the tourists who were watching this fight from their boat.

“We had slowed down to allow guests to watch, and the shark approached the shoreline and just as we were all looking at the shark, the dog noticed it too!” said Rebecca Lightbourn, the booking manager at Exuma Water Sports.

In short, the dog accomplished his mission to protect his private island.

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