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A dog survives several days with its head stuck in a bucket
Credit: CaptureCBSNews
Gracie, a dog from the Stockton area of California, was near a dog shelter when she got her head stuck in a treat bucket for two weeks.

Tara Morrison, who is in charge of the shelter, spotted the bucket on Gracie’s head around the sixth day, but was unable to lure the dog to her in order to extract the admittedly uncomfortable hat.

To successfully capture Gracie, CarolEisenbrandt of Wilton Animal Rescue monitored the dog’s trajectory, and set up two traps along the way. One of the cages contained chicken, which attracted the beast, enabling the rescue to capture it.

The team managed to extort the pot, and following this, the dehydrated and starving dog underwent a few tests to ensure his health. Veterinarian Jeremy Chandler was in charge of giving him a thorough medical examination:


Carol Eisenbrandt was able to track down Gracie’s owner, a woman of no fixed abode, which explains the female’s vagrancy. Gracie’s owner agreed to allow theWilton Animal Rescue team to find a home to provide for the pet.

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