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A Jack Russell stayed by his dead owner’s side for weeks
Rich Moore, 71, of Pagosa Springs, and his dog Finney hiked to the summit of Blackhead Peak (12,500 ft.) on August 19, but never returned home. The search for them was intensive, and teams spent nearly 2,000 man-hours scouring the wilderness, without success until a rather surprising recent discovery two months after their disappearance!

On October 30, a hunter found Moore’s body two and a half miles from the top of the mountain, in the Lower Blanco Drainage Basin with Finney, the Jack Russell, still alive but weakened, who had survived the harsh weather conditions, at his side.

According to Delinda Vann-Brightyn of the Taos Search and Rescue team, retrieving Moore and Finney was not easy due to the difficult terrain. A helicopter was used to drop the search team off on the steep terrain. Moore’s faithful dog accompanied him as he left the mountain.

After her rescue, Finney was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment and examination, and was eventually reunited with her family. This surely brought them some comfort in the midst of their tragic loss.

Finney quickly won the hearts of many Internet users thanks to her courage and loyalty to her master. This moving story touched the hearts of pet lovers and wilderness enthusiasts alike, drawing attention to the deep bond between animal and master. It also reminds us of the dangers inherent in exploring nature.

Colorado Missing Person Organization

Although the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office and other investigating authorities have yet to determine the cause of Moore’s death, it is unlikely that foul play was involved. The incident has sparked debate about mountain safety and preparedness, as reports suggest that Moore was not sufficiently prepared when he arrived at his destination.

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