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A missing dog spotted a year later
Credit: 9NEWS/Denver
The search for a missing dog in Colorado has taken an unlikely turn: Ullr, the Border Collie/Rottweiler who had been missing for almost a year, has been spotted by surveillance cameras and is said to be in excellent health.

This has re-energized owner Jacob Dalbey’s efforts to find him.

Jacob Dalbey’s beloved dog disappeared on March 17, 2023, following a sudden and unexpected avalanche near Mount Chair. Ullr survived the accident, but was lost in the wild. While Dalbey and his friends were injured by the snow slide, Ullr escaped.

The search for Ullr continues today, thanks to the support and determination of the community.

Dalbey could not afford to fund the search due to the size of his medical bills, which included surgery, frostbite treatment and other expenses.

Deborah Wieker launched a GoFundMe page to help bring Ullr home. The campaign raised nearly $38,000 to find Ullr.

Jacob Dalbey
Dalbey received confirmation of his quest for answers after placing surveillance cameras to attract Ullr and providing him with food. Dalbey was delighted to see the warrior Ullr in the images taken on February 17 and 18, 2024.

Jacob Dalbey

Ullr’s story has been widely shared and Dalbey is grateful for all the support he has received, both from strangers and friends. These contributions have enabled the search to continue and given Dalbey hope of finding Ullr safe and sound.

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