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A robot (war) dog with a machine gun on its back!

A viral video, created by a Chinese military contractor, shows a scary new technology – a robotic military dog that disembarks from a drone with a machine gun.

On said video, a drone is seen flying over a building, and drops a robot dog on a roof.

Once dropped, the dog gets on its four legs and immediately starts looking for a target near the building.

On its back, it carries an automatic weapon ready to fire.

According to a report from WarZone, the machine gun on the robot is most likely a very light Chinese weapon named QBB-97, which can fire 650 rounds per minute.

Here is the description of this “violent” robot:

“War dogs descending from the sky, aerial assault, the Red Wing Forward drone delivers combat robot dogs, which can be directly inserted into the weak link behind the enemy to launch a surprise attack or can be placed on the enemy’s roof to occupy command heights to suppress firepower. And ground troops can conduct a three-dimensional pincer attack on the enemy in the building.”


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