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A spectacular storm system visible from space!
Two giant storms swept across Canada in a rare weather event and, according to The Weather Network, these systems, of unprecedented magnitude and size, also created a unique and breathtaking event as seen from space.

Satellite images captured this unique phenomenon, as the two huge low-pressure systems that formed off the coast of Canada came together, with the entire country falling under the clouds formed by these unusual weather systems.

Getty Images
These systems will continue to cause a range of weather phenomena in the majority of Canadian provinces and territories, bringing high winds and heavy snowfall.

And the El Niño phenomenon, which is in the middle of this climatic frenzy, will continue to influence Canadian temperatures this winter, as it brings weather disturbances and unusual frosts.

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The lingering effect of El Niño could mean that western Canada will remain relatively warm, while eastern Canada could experience harsher-than-normal seasonal weather.

The powerful El Niño phenomenon promises a Canadian winter season full of meteorological surprises, it seems…

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