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A UFO observed in Iraq!

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A UFO observed in Iraq!

A so-called official UFO was filmed in a conflict zone, and the government said a ton of questions about the unidentified object were still unanswered. But the sudden appearance of this UFO remains a big step “towards transparency and discovery of UFOs.

UFOs remain a taboo and divisive subject, as many people do not want to know about them, while others firmly believe in their existence.

Will these freshly (re)deposited images change the situation?

Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, two experts, presented this mind-boggling image of theMosul Orb during their recent podcast called “Weaponized”, and this one would come from a video shot in 2016 in northern Iraq.

The capture would have been taken while a spy plane was flying next to the UFO…

The video was actually shown to US government agencies and the footage also appeared in a “classifiedbriefing ” video.

It is disturbing, certainly, and everything indicates that it is really a UFO since the duo has dissected the whole thing in depth, in addition to collecting a ton of evidence about this object.

By the way, according to physicist Avi Loeb, the threat of UFOs is increasing more and more and the government often doesn’t know anything about the objects they observe.

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