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A video of a “cuddly” panda goes viral!

A baby panda was filmed hugging a human being who is taking care of him. This sequence is really cute, which has allowed this video to become one of the “cutest” of the last days.

In the video, we see the panda clinging to the guardian, who is kindly taking care of the evolution and health of the baby giant panda, remember.

The panda in question is called Fubao, he holds the leg of the zookeeper so that he gives him love and stays close to him. This sequence happened in South Korea and the video went viral, reaching more than 4 million people on YouTube.

For your information, a fully grown giant panda weighs between 80 and 125 kg, and its size varies between 1.50 and 1.80 meters long, which makes this beautiful animal quite intimidating.

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