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A woman used her “uncle’s” corpse to get a loan
Credit: Getty Images/CaptureGlobalNewsTube

In an incident that made international headlines, a Brazilian woman is accused of dragging her dead “uncle” to a bank while she desperately tried to get a loan.

The incident took place at a banking establishment in Rio de Janeiro’s Bangu district, where a woman was filmed trying to prop up the head of a deceased man and place a pen in his hand to persuade him to sign financial documents for a $3,400 loan!

Although an employee noticed that the man was pale, the woman reportedly ignored their concerns, claiming that the corpse could co-sign the documents. At this point, the bank employees decided to alert the authorities.

The woman was quickly arrested by police after arriving on the scene. Paulo Roberto Braga, aged 68, died several hours before being taken to the bank, suggesting a premeditated fraud plan. According to witnesses present at the unusual event, the woman called the victim her “uncle” at the time of the incident, but many questions remain unanswered about her relationship with the man.

The woman has tried to maintain her innocence, claiming that Braga was alive when they arrived at the bank, and that there are witnesses to prove it. However, the evidence gathered so far paints a grim picture.

After the images of the incident were broadcast, many people immediately made the connection with the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie’s, in which two men pretend that their murdered employer is still alive.

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