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Aaron Carter’s mother accuses his fiancée of causing his death

Aaron Carter ‘s mother is bluntly accusing her late son’s fiancée of causing his death.

Of course, Carter’s spouse, Melanie Martin, mentioned that this was completely untrue, and that this false statement was very hurtful…

Martin confided in TMZ, indicating that she doesn’t understand the messages that Aaron’s mother shared publicly since before the singer’s death, Jane (Aaron’s mother) had a “pretty” good relationship with her.

In fact, Jane often thanked Melanie for having Aaron’s best interests at heart, while saying that she saw Melanie’s love for her son.

Jane often praised Melanie for helping Aaron with everything, even getting his teeth fixed, it seems…

The messages were eventually deleted and an assistant to Aaron’s sister contacted Melanie to apologize. She was even invited to the memorial..

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