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Aaron Carter’s mother claims he was killed and releases photos to prove it

Jane Schneck, Aaron Carter’s mother, posted a text on Facebook with photos calling for an investigation into her son’s death.

Warning, some of the images may shock some readers.

She claims the coroner ruled his death an accidental drug overdose based solely on his history of drug abuse.

“I want to share these photos of her death scene with all of you because the coroner ruled it an accidental drug overdose,” she writes in her Facebook post.

Schneck actually shared 7 rather gruesome photos she took of the bathroom where Aaron died, in which you can see a bathtub filled with very dirty water and soiled clothes on the floor.

She asks to look at them carefully since, according to her, this is now her only way to move things forward.

Still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son Aaron Carter I want to share these death scene photos…

Posted by Jane Schneck on Wednesday, March 1, 2023

“They were not taken by the police…even though there was a lot of information about a potential homicide that had been around for years,” she says.

“Aaron received a lot of death threats and a lot of people were making his life miserable,” Carter’s mother ends in her extremely disturbing post.

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