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According to PETA, Budweiser mutilates horses!
According to PETA, beer giant Budweiser is allegedly mutilating its Clydesdale horses to keep their tails short during the filming of Super Bowl commercials, reports the New York Post.

PETA ‘s goal is to stop Budweiser ‘s upcoming annual Super Bowl horse”parade.

Budweiser, true to form, has purchased a ton of commercials for this Sunday’s scheduled duel of the titans, the Eagles vs. the Chiefs, and one of the Budweiser shows is called A Clydesdale’s Journey.

But the ugly truth behind that scenario would be that “Budweiser” horses don’t get their tails trimmed, as Bud ‘s representatives indicate. Instead, they would have a practice called “docking” done, which involves cutting a horse’s tailbone.

In reality, the tail bone would be removed with a scalpel, to cut off the blood flow, causing the tail to die.

The safety of the Clydesdales is a top priority for PETA, so at the Super Bowl kickoff, the animal rights group plans to fly a banner over Arizona’s State Farm Stadium in protest.

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