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After the Yellowstone debacle, Kevin Costner reappears… as a cowboy
Credit: WarnerBros./NewLineCinema

After months of anticipation, the spellbinding trailer for Kevin Costner’s epic Horizon: An American Saga has finally been revealed, offering a captivating glimpse of the film due in June.

In two parts, the epic saga will capture the essence of the Old West. The trailer offers a striking glimpse of this cinematic epic, with impressive landscapes and tense exchanges.

Directed, co-written and starring Kevin Costner, the film also features Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee, Jamie Campbell Bower and Luke Wilson in its cast. An intriguing cast for a film largely imbued with the spirit of classic westerns.


It will be interesting to see the outcome of Kevin Costner’s return to the camera, especially as it was this project that was reportedly behind many of the tensions that led to his departure from Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone series!

The first film in this saga arrives in cinemas on June 28, and the second will be available on August 16.

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