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An 11-foot alligator seized from a man in New York!
Credit: CaptureCBSNews

A New York (Hamburg) man has had his 11-foot, 750-pound alligator named Albert seized by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, but the beast’s owner promises to fight to get him back.

Tony Cavallaro designed a home for Albert, an in-ground pool in his Hamburg backyard. Albert’s health problems include blindness and “spinal” complications.

Albert has lived with Cavallaro since he was very young, so he allows curious people to enter the water to pet the alligator, which lives in his space without being attached to anything.


Since the alligator was seized, it has been with a specialized keeper, who will assess the “damage”. The purpose of the capture remains in “the interest of public safety and the health, safety and protection of the alligator”, the department said.

According to the department of State Environmental Conservation, Mr. Cavallaro did not take good care of his Albert, but he certainly refutes the allegations against him, indicating that he took better care of his alligator than some parents take of their children.


“They acted as if I were a criminal dealing in weapons and drugs.” exclaimed Cavallaro.

Incidentally, Cavallaro has owned the animal for 34 years and has always respected the rules, renewing his license every year as required by law.

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