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An influencer seems to have thrown a live lobster from the top of Montmorency Falls
Jay Fortin, an influencer from Quebec City, has been receiving a ton of virulent comments since he allegedly threw a live lobster from the top of the Montmorency Falls.

In the video published by him, we see him heading to the supermarket to buy a live lobster, to go to a bridge overlooking the Montmorency Falls, and release the live lobster, as reported by TVA Nouvelles.

The said video is circulating excessively on the networks, it has generated more than 130,000 reactions, as well as 400 comments, many of them not very complimentary.

That said, in order to offer unique content to Internet users in order to thwart the algorithms, influencers are looking for every way to find different avenues to get engagement, “likes”, leading to possible contracts.

Note however that according to the “hashtags” of Fortin, the lobster in question would be a fake, but he refuses to confirm it to the media, declining calls from them for the moment, still according to TVA.

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