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Are Al Pacino, 83, and Noor Alfallah, 30, back together?
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Hollywood legend Al Pacino was spotted dining at Beverly Hills’ Cipriani with ex-girlfriend Noor Alfallah. The newly-parented duo made headlines for their new relationship, then their separation, and finally their legal battle over custody of their child, born in June 2023.

The duo was spotted twice in the space of a few days. The couple had shared a meal two days earlier at an Italian restaurant in the same neighborhood, sparking speculation that their relationship might be reborn.

It was the first time they had appeared in public since November of the previous year.

In April 2022, the couple made news, but remained relatively discreet. They did, however, surprise fans by announcing the arrival of Roman Pacino in June 2023. In November last year, the couple agreed to share legal custody.

Noor, however, has primary physical custody of their son.

The 83-year-old star, who already has three children with previous partners, saw Roman’s birth offer its share of surprises, in 2023!

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Even at 83, Al Pacino’s life is full!

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