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Biden warns Netanyahu, multiple countries ask for a ceasefire
US President Joe Biden issued a stern warning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that international support is dwindling, at a Democratic fundraising event in Washington. Biden urged the Israeli prime minister to make tough decisions, and even to reshuffle his cabinet, according to CNN.

Biden openly criticized Israel’s action, encouraging Netanyahu to minimize civilian casualties.

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Several international partners have called for an end to hostilities in Gaza due to the current situation. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon issued a statement calling for a lasting ceasefire and stressing the gravity of the humanitarian situation.

The trio called for the resumption of a recently suspended ceasefire that allowed for the delivery of humanitarian aid and the release of hostages. They defended Israel’s existence while condemning Hamas for its tactics and declaring that Hamas had no role to play in the future governance of Gaza.

The United States, despite advocating a lasting ceasefire at the UN Security Council, vetoed the resolution calling for an immediate cessation of all hostilities. This attitude contrasts sharply with the comments of President Biden and other Western governments, as well as international organizations, who have called for an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza. The debate is expected to continue, as the UN General Assembly plans to vote on a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire following the failure of the Security Council’s proposal.

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Biden will also meet with the families of Americans who were taken hostage by Hamas during the conflict.

Many hostages were released during the previous humanitarian ceasefire.

However, there are still unresolved hostage situations, and the international community is losing patience with Israel’s response to Hamas.

Since the Hamas attack on October 7, it is estimated that more than 18,000 Palestinians have been killed, half of them civilians.

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