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Billie Eilish gets restricting order against another disturbing fan
Pop sensation Billie Eilish has been plagued by terrifying threats from two deranged individuals who have allegedly been targeting her and her family for several months. On November 15, the star obtained a provisional protection order against one of these two men, considered a danger to her safety and that of her family.

Billie Eilish reportedly returned to her Los Angeles home earlier this week to discover a shirtless man, Raymond Black, peering into her living room through the window. He was arrested nearby, after Eilish contacted the police. Raymond Black was no stranger to Eilish’s property. The man was also said to have been loitering around the house while work was being carried out, and had also appeared at Eilish’s parents’ home.

A judge acted quickly and ordered Black to stay at least 100 feet away from Eilish and her parents. The judge issued his order after recognizing that the man posed a credible threat of harassment or violence.


This incident comes on the heels of another terrifying situation for which Eilish sought protection, namely from Christopher Anderson, who had repeatedly broken into her family’s home.

In addition to the events involving these two stalkers, she and her brother Finneas, reportedly received hundreds of messages, including disturbing declarations of love and violent threats against them. One of them, Shawn Christopher McIntyre, is an alleged stalker who is also said to have expressed alarming intentions towards Elon Musk!

Eilish also admitted in her petition to having suffered emotional damage, and has since been afraid to visit her childhood home. The artist has stated in interviews that the unwanted attention and intrusion into her private life had truly traumatized her, leading her to question her own safety.

Billie Eilish has since then taken several legal actions to regain a sense of security after these terrifying episodes.

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