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BMW unveils a car… that changes color!
The BMW i Vision Dee was unveiled last Wednesday in Las Vegas during the annual electronics event, where actor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance, and this car is able to change color completely (unlike the first version).

Yes, yes!

So, the body of this prototype displays a full range of colors, which manifest themselves uniformly, in stripes and even in checkerboards.

Don’t go running off to a BMW dealership in fear because the BMW i Vision Dee is only a concept at this point. It should serve as inspiration for the future, but it’s still not available for purchase.

On the other hand, the technology that will project speed and direction on the width of the windshield will be on the market from 2025.

BMW also talked about the possibility of turning the windshield into a giant screen, which would mix real life with virtual life.

By the way, the word Dee in the name of this concept stands for”Digital emotional experience”.

Isn’t this another proof of the bewildering technological development that increases its pace more and more?

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