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Brendan Gallagher becomes a golf teacher (for his girlfriend)

Brendan Gallagher has become a golf “teacher” as he’s taken to giving little lessons to his girlfriend Emma Fortin, with whom he’s been having a good time since he’s been on the scratched list.

Emma Fortin’s Instagram

Gally makes sure to keep an eye on his student, if we understand her message delivered in her latest Instagram story.

Recall that Gallagher and his girlfriend enjoyed the scenery and sunshine of the Caribbean in early February, where the couple seemed very happy to be away from Montreal’s intensity.

That said, since injuring his right leg in a game against the Nashville Predators on January 3, the little number 11 has been enjoying himself and his smile indicates that he seems at peace with the situation.

By the way, he is still wearing a walking boot, showing that this lower body injury is as nebulous as the injury that is keeping Sean Monahan out of the game.

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