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Britney Spears blasts Netflix and FOX and denounces the documentaries made about her life
Britney Spears, who has been highly critical in the past of recent documentaries made about her, particularly those focusing on her controversial guardianship, expressed her anger again on Instagram at their intentions and the way they portrayed her story.

The star claimed that their sole aim was to offend, rather than show understanding or support, and in an Instagram post Spears expressed her doubts about the documentaries’ motivations.

As Netflix re-promotes its 2021 documentary on the singer, Britney vs Spears, seizing the momentum of Britney’s newly-released memoir The Women In Me, the star suggests that those responsible for such a documentary would be more interested in showing her past difficulties than in adding anything positive about her.

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The star has expressed her anger that her name was used in these documentaries without being consulted… and says she was upset when she learned that several of her friends were involved in documentaries.

Britney had a similar reaction, in 2021, to the release of the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, for which she felt terribly embarrassed, even claiming to have cried for two whole weeks.

Spears was also the subject of a documentary entitled Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom, broadcast on Fox and produced by TMZ.

The documentary contained allegations about Spears’ mental health and personal relationships after the end of guardianship, which the star strongly criticized. Britney had long been a favorite subject of TMZ.

Spears has repeatedly insisted that she must tell her story herself, and since the end of her guardianship in November 2021, she has been trying to regain control of her life.

It’s worth noting that several big names in Hollywood are currently said to be interested in the rights to her memoir, The Women In Me.

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