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Britney Spears in crisis in a restaurant in Los Angeles?
According to TMZ, Britney Spears would have been the victim of a manic episode during an outing with her husband Sam Asghari in a crowded restaurant in Los Angeles, going so far as to say that the star was speaking in an incomprehensible language.

The incident in question allegedly took place at Joey’s, a crowded restaurant in Woodland Hills, where the singer was visibly annoyed by people taking out their phones to film her…

A witness of the scene would affirm that Britney would have shouted incomprehensible things… however, in a video published by TMZ, we can see Britney trying to hide her face with a menu of the restaurant when she notices that a person films her while she is in discussion with a person at a service counter.

Obviously the singer seems to be upset, but nothing more!

And the noise of the dishes and the customers in the restaurant prevent from understanding the subject of her conversation…

Page Six, which also seems to think that TMZ went a little too far in its statement, reports that upon seeing the magnitude of the situation, Spears’ husband reportedly responded to the rumors on Instagram by saying:

“Don’t believe what you read online, gang!”

So, was Britney the victim of a manic episode or did she just want to be able to enjoy her evening without being filmed by all those people?

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