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Buffalo now has a 17-foot painting of Damar Hamlin!
The city of Buffalo has offered a dose of inspiration to its residents with a new work of art named Damar Hamlin, which was painted on a wall by local artist Adam Zyglis.

Zyglis, the project’s mastermind, collaborated with Rory Allen to find the perfect location for Hamlin’s painting, which suffered a cardiac arrest in the field a few weeks ago. The mural is in Larkin Square, a little outside of downtown, about 15 minutes from the Bills’ Highmark Stadium.

Adam Zyglis is an editorial cartoonist at the Buffalo News, and the idea for the mural came to him when Hamlin was released from the hospital, foiling the odds.

The painting stands 17 feet tall, and Damar is seen in his Bills uniform, making a heart shape with his hands.

It took the artist four to five hours to complete.

Remember that Hamlin can not play yet, but he supported his teammates in the win against the Miami Dolphins in the wild card round.

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