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Céline Dion was “full of energy” at Habs game

It was very comforting.”

It’s safe to say that Céline Dion didn ‘t go unnoticed this week, due to her visit to the Montreal Canadiens, when the team was in Las Vegas as part of a few-game road trip.

A visit that has been the talk of the town ever since!

Chantal Machabée , vice-president of communications for the blue-white-and-red team, who had the great good fortune to meet her, spoke to TVA Sports about this wonderful moment.

The latter, who posed with the diva, revealed how the meeting went and how she found the star during the encounter.

Although Chantal made no attempt to judge the singer’s state of health, she did admit that it was “comforting” to see the Céline that Quebec knows: “full of energy, smiling and funny”!

What’s more, according to the VP, the singer was in a festive mood, as she chatted and cracked jokes.

“We were very moved to see her like that (…),” Machabée adds to TVA Sports.

Her visit lasted 45 minutes, during which she chatted with the tricolore’s coach and players, many of whom enjoyed a privileged moment in Céline’s company.

“They were all very impressed. Not one of them didn’t show up. Everyone had stars in their eyes,” says Chantal Machabée.

It was certainly a magical moment for the CH organization, but also for the public, who witnessed a still-strong Céline!

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