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Chris Rock wanted to date Jada Pinkett amidst Will Smith divorce rumors
Jada Pinkett-Smith made many shocking revelations in a recent interview with People, but one stood out when she claimed that Chris Rock wanted to date her at a time when a persistent rumor was circulating that she was divorcing Will Smith.

While it’s unclear whether the tension between Chris Rock and Will Smith has indeed subsided, Jada does add to it, as she reportedly received a call from Chris Rock asking her out on a date, at a time when strong divorce rumors were circulating… Rock finally apologized when she replied that they were just rumors… but, lo and behold, the rumors may have been true after all, since Jada has just announced that she and Will have been separated for seven years!

Excuse me?

Yup, in a surprising revelation, Jada claims that the couple has been secretly separated since 2016!

So Jada and Will were no longer a couple when the latter slapped Chris Rock in the face at the infamous Oscars of March 2022, if Pinkett’s words are to be believed. Now, that may reveal a lot about Will Smith’s true motivations for acting this way towards the host at the Oscars.


“I thought it was a skit,” Jada also explained about her initial reaction at the Oscars, quickly realizing it was real when Will returned to sit beside her.

At the time, there was no sign of their separation, as Will Smith had even shouted at Chris Rock after a bad joke about Jada’s shaved head: “Keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth”, a now infamous line that shall live forever.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is currently on a promotional tour for the release of her memoirs, Worthy, available from October 17.

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