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Christina Aguilera’s physical transformation stun fans in Vegas
At the age of 43, singer Christina Aguilera made a powerful stage appearance at the launch of her new musical residency in Las Vegas.

She delighted the audience with a rendition of her many hits… while showing off her astonishing physical transformation, having lost around 40 pounds in recent months.

This adds to an already long-running discussion on the subject when it comes to Christina Aguilera, as she has not only distinguished herself over the years thanks to her exceptional vocal performances, but also for advocating a healthier approach and a positive attitude towards the body.

And so, her recent physical transformation has been the talk of the town in Vegas…  since the start of her residency.

Christina Aguilera’s Las Vegas residency also features a series of spectacular outfits, created in collaboration with stylist Chris Horandu.

Getty Images
The gowns are just as grand, including a red dress with a long train, a short dress adorned with glittering jewels, and even a blue dress equipped with LED lights!

Christina Aguilera will for sure be talked about a lot over the next few weeks…

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