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Couche-Tard convenience stores soon to be cashier-less?
The Couche-Tard convenience store chain is currently conducting tests in one of its Montreal stores.

Don’t look for a cashier, there isn’t one.

A bit like Amazon a few years ago, the multinational Couche-Tard is launching the robotization of its operations. In this convenience store, there is no cashier and the customer pays with his or her smartphone.

This experimental convenience store is located onMcGill University ‘s downtown campus. It is in partnership with the Retail Innovation Lab of the academic institution that the project is conducted. This unique partnership allows for cutting-edge research and testing of innovations, including frictionless technologies, to transform the customer experience like never before.

Located on the first floor of the Bronfman Pavilion, the Couche-Tard convenience store offers for the first time a contactless payment system that uses cameras throughout the store to track your purchases, without any human interaction.

While the location is becoming the ultimate in technology, it also allows researchers at the Bensadoun School of Retail Management to test new retail strategies in a real-world setting.


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As a TikTok from the Desautels School of Business shows, the buying process is quite simple. First, you scan a QR code at the store entrance, download an app and enter your payment information, and shop. When the products are found, all that’s left to do is pay with your phone.

McGill University

It remains to be seen whether Couche-tard will follow in Amazon’s footsteps in the future by offering biometric payment…

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