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Damar Hamlin is surprising medicine
Damar Hamlin has taken an important step in his rehabilitation, leaving the Cincinnati hospital and heading to another one in Buffalo.

Remember that although he has made rapid progress in the last few hours, there are many steps to take in recovery from cardiac arrest.

Even if he is not out of the woods, his condition has gone from critical to fair or even good, according to the doctors who were in charge of him in Ohio.

Hamlin is beating the odds right now, beating the odds at every milestone he has to reach, while remaining neurologically intact. However, it’s too early to say when Hamlin will be able to return to a normal life.

On top of that, more tests need to be done to find the exact cause of the sudden cardiac arrest.

As of last Friday, Hamlin is no longer sedated and on a ventilator, and he has even started walking again with a little help.

Obviously, the Buffalo Bills were thrilled to have him back “home.”

In short, he’s not with the team, but his thoughts are with his Bills and his teammates are inspired by him every day to move forward to the promised land.

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