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David Beckham is about to launch his own beverage brand
The great David Beckham will launch his own drinks brand with spirits and beers.

For nine years, he promoted the brand scotch-whisky Haig Club brand Scotch whisky in a multitude of promotional campaigns, but now his desire is to break into the industry with his own brand.

The 47-year-old former soccer star ‘s goal remains to create spirits such as tequila and whiskey, in addition to some beers. Non-alcoholic beverages are also being targeted by the husband of Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham).

According to information gathered by the Times, Beckham is reportedly looking for a partner to help him develop his own beverage brand to propel it all officially.

Beckham launched his own company in 2014, namely DB Ventures with which he handles his multiple contacts in the sports and fashion industries. The net worth of this business is said to be $450 million, but he reportedly sold 55% of his company to Authentic Brands for about 240 million dollars.

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