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Did Putin have a heart attack?

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Did Putin have a heart attack?
And was a double of Putin used during official meetings?

Rumors that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack last weekend have prompted Kremlin officials to comment publicly and deny the allegations, calling them hoaxes.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is healthy and does not use body doubles for public appearances,” a representative of the Russian President was reportedly forced to respond.

According to Forbes, former members of Russia’s foreign intelligence services allegedly claimed on Telegram earlier this week that a double of Putin had been used for a telephone conversation with Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, while the real Putin is said to be in a very serious state of health and is being treated in an intensive care unit set up in his residence.

According to rumors, the Russian president suffered a cardiac arrest in his private residence in Moscow last Sunday evening, and has been on the verge of death ever since.

The Kremlin has since been accused of using a Putin look-alike… again!

“This belongs to the category of absurd information hoaxes that a whole series of media discuss with enviable tenacity,” the Kremlin representative is said to have added.

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Questions about Putin’s state of health have weighed on the Russian president for some time now, including rumors earlier this year that he had received chemotherapy treatments to treat cancer.

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