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Drake bet another small fortune on a fight
Credit: Getty Images

Drake is a pretty intense bettor, not afraid to put some of his big fortune on a team or an individual… like Francis Ngannou, for example!

In fact,Drizzy has bet $615,000 on the UFC fighter, who takes on boxer Anthony Joshua on Friday in Saudi Arabia.

If this fight actually takes place (doubts are still circulating in this regard) and Ngannou manages to beat Joshua, Drake will pocket a total sum of $1,906,500, which is just over triple his initial stake.

Drake mentioned that he had bet on “a scary man”, who will be fighting in only his second professional boxing match. Remember that he stood like an oak tree in his first official fight in the boxing world last October, against the great Tyson Fury.

Since Ngannou lost by (controversial) split decision, many are certain that he could defeat Joshua, including Drake, who has great confidence in the fighter.

The two men will face off live from Riyadh’s Kingdom Arena at around noon (Eastern time), in a boxing match rather than an ultimate fight.

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