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Drake loses $2M in a bad bet

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Drake loses $2M in a bad bet
Drake, valued at $180 million (U.S.) by Forbes, is not afraid to bet very large amounts of money in sports.

After a big bet for FC Barcelona about a month ago, which lost him nearly $850,000, Drake went at it again by betting a “small” two million US dollars on a UFC fight.

The 36-year-old rapper bet on middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, who lost to his opponent, Alex Pereira. The fight took place at UFC 281, which took place at Madison Square Garden this past weekend.

Of course, Adesanya was the heavy favorite going into the fight, and if he won, it would net Drake $2.9 million, good for a $900,000 payout.

Drake is known for betting large amounts of money, whether it is during the Super Bowl, the NFL draft and even during some F1 Grand Prix, including the one in Spain.

Adesanya lost by technical knockout in the 5th round.

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