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Dwayne Johnson buys a fortune in Snickers bars on his way to redemption

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was 14 years old, he regularly frequented the same 7-Eleven of his home state, Hawaii, and stole a ton of Snickers bars, which he would gobble down profusely before hitting the gym.

Since then, the 50-year-old actor was consumed by this demon, as he pointed out on his Instagram account, and he had to rectify this situation.

So it was 36 years later that The Rock was finally able to make amends, as he stopped by that infamous 7-Eleven to buy all the Snickers bars in the store! Back then, he didn’t have deep pockets like he does today.

“I was completely broke. The same employee was there every day, always turning her head and never busting me.”

In fact, the muscular man can be seen recounting it all in great detail via his Instagram account. He can also be seen showing up at the convenience store in question and making his BIG purchase.

He even left the chocolate bars he bought at the 7-Eleven so that the employee would give the bars away if a child ever tried to rob a chocolate store.

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