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Eminem: it’s war!

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Eminem: it’s war!

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon decided to oppose Eminem and want to fo forward with the use of the name of their podcast… Reasonably Shady!

Inside the legal documents obtained by Page Six, Bryant and Dixon, star of Real Housewives of Potomac, want that the request of Slim Shady filed last month be denied!

The two women’s attorney handling the case, Andrea Evans, exclusively told Page Six that her two clients say there is no likelihood of confusion between the Shady brand and their brand, Reasonably Shady.

“We are prepared to defend any allegation against them regarding their intellectual property!” the lawyer said.

It was in February 2022 that the two women filed an official trademark application for the name of their project, since they want to sell derivative products such as eye shadows, water bottles and clothing.

However, last month, Eminem put his foot down by mentioning that his brand would be “damaged” if Bryant and Dixon got the rights to the Reasonably Shady name.

Em believes it could create real confusion among consumers, who know Eminem as Slim Shady and Shadywhich is also an official trademarked image, since the late ’90s.

For the moment, this case is in the hands of the lawyers of the concerned individuals and a decision will be given soon.

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