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Florida woman convicted of stealing Ashley Biden’s diary
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Florida native Aimee Harris was convicted of her role in the theft and sale of several personal effects from Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe Biden, including a camera and a diary. She was sentenced to one month in federal prison, followed by three months of house arrest.

The conviction came after a jury found her guilty of conspiracy to transport stolen property from one state to another. The woman sold Ashley Biden’s personal writings, found at a friend’s home in Delray Beach, Florida, in 2020. Prosecutors said Joe Biden’s daughter thought her belongings were safe there after staying there temporarily before the theft.

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When Harris found Ashley Biden’s belongings, including her diary, she took them. Harris and Robert Kurlander, her co-defendant in the case, initially tried to approach Donald Trump’s former campaign to sell the documents, but were referred to the FBI. The stolen goods were eventually sold for $40,000 to Project Veritas, a conservative news site.

The judge in the case described the criminal acts of Aimee Harris and her accomplice as despicable.

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The theft of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s laptop also sparked controversy after it was reported in 2019. The laptop contained sensitive information about his business activities and personal life. The circumstances of the theft remain unclear, but it attracted attention during the 2020 US presidential campaign, and continues to do so today.

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