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Four horses saved from freezing water
Four Montana horses (from the community of Kalispell) that were in a frozen pond were rescued by the community, according to an NBC report.

The owner of the horses was able to enlist the help of firefighters, game wardens, horse trainers and neighbors to save the lives of the horses, which were jumping into the cold water of the pond.

Posted by South Kalispell Fire Department on Tuesday, December 6, 2022

With animals this massive, it takes an entire village to pull off a successful rescue.

That event happened on Dec. 5, when the fire department received a call to save four restless young horses, which had fallen into a pond while playing near it.

“Thanks to the cooperative efforts of firefighters, FCSO animal control officers, Rebecca Farm staff and many neighbors, the four horses were able to be pulled from the pond and transported for veterinary care!” the fire department said on Facebook.

After failed attempts to get the horses out by digging a bank, rescuers finally harnessed each of the horses, which worked perfectly.

Although all four horses spent more than three hours in the cold water, they suffered no serious injuries and are in good health, the vet said.

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