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George Clooney calls on Joe Biden to step down
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In a surprising and devastating op-ed published in the New York Times, George Clooney urged President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.

In doing so, he joins a growing number of celebrities who support the Democratic Party and are calling on the president to cede his seat to another candidate to face Donald Trump in the next election.

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Clooney, a longtime Biden supporter and friend, said he was devastated to have to admit that the Joe Biden who was with him three weeks ago at a fundraiser was neither the Joe Biden of the famous “big f*cking deal” of 2010, nor even the Joe Biden of the 2020 elections.

Clooney expresses his dismay at seeing Biden weakened, and his comment highlights the loss of confidence among some of Biden’s most loyal supporters and the growing calls for new leadership within the Democratic Party.

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Although Clooney recognizes Biden’s accomplishments and praised his contribution to saving democracy in 2020.

The actor expresses that the president’s current state of health and energy level could threaten the Democratic Party’s chances in the next election.

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Clooney’s appeal comes after Joe Biden’s disappointing performance in the televised debate against Donald Trump, as we know.

Remember that a few weeks before the debate, a fundraiser organized by Clooney for Joe Biden in Los Angeles had raised over $30 million! Quite a turnaround for the well-known actor…

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However, Clooney seems to share the growing concerns of many Democratic legislators and donors.

As the Democratic National Convention and several fundraising events approach, uncertainty prevails.

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At the time of writing, President Biden remains committed to staying in the race until the end.

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