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Governor reveals new details on Baltimore disaster
Credit: Getty Images
Early Tuesday morning, a ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Chartered by Maersk, the container ship caused the bridge to collapse, triggering rescue operations to find several people reported missing.

Authorities provided details of the circumstances surrounding this tragic event at a press conference, while the governor of Maryland commented on the disaster.

In a statement, Maryland Governor Wes Moore said the preliminary investigation into the bridge collapse suggests an accident. He also stated that the bridge was up to code and had no structural problems.

The governor also confirmed that the crew of the vessel involved in the collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore had informed authorities that they had lost power on the vessel and had no control over it in the moments before the collision.

For his part, Maryland’s Secretary of Transportation, Paul Wiedefeld, said that eight people were on the deck when it collapsed. Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Wiedefeld said that two of these people had been found: one was in hospital, the other unharmed, and that the search was continuing for the remaining six.

Search operations are continuing for the missing persons, while rescue teams continue to look for individuals in the water.

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