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Greta Thunberg arrested in Germany after violent confrontation!

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested by the police while participating in a demonstration a few days ago in the village of Lützerath, Germany.

It was the expansion of a coal mine that would force the complete eviction of the residents of Lützerath that drew the attention of pro-climate protesters, who were reportedly joined by Thunberg earlier this week.

The clashes between protesters and police have been going on for several weeks, according to CNN, and began when several hundred police officers showed up at the doors of residents to force them out of their homes.

According to CNN, the goal is to completely seal off the village over a radius of 1.5 kilometers, and then demolish everything!

According to The Guardian, violent altercations between the police and the protesters began when the police tried to evict the protesters who had barricaded themselves in the village. The German government justifies the expansion of this mine, in particular to reduce their energy dependence on Russia.

Now in her 230th week of climate strike, Greta Thunberg still seems determined in her climate fight!

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