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Hailie Jade Mathers, daughter of Eminem, is engaged!

Hailie Jade Mathers, Eminem‘s daughter, got engaged to her boyfriend Evan McClintock, making several young men a little jealous…

Hailie actually shared photos of the moment via her Instagram account!

On one of the photos, we can see Evan McClintock, one knee on the ground, asking Hailie to become his wife. The sequence is adorable, and this one, because she is Eminem‘s daughter, has made the rounds a couple of times.

Hailie, 27, received a diamond ring last Saturday, while a professional photographer was present at the romantic engagement to immortalize it all.

The young man was dressed in a big black coat, white pants and beige shoes, when he got down on one knee to propose to his future wife, dressed in a black leather jacket, black jeans and black boots.

The two lovebirds have reportedly been together since 2016. At least, that’s the year Hailie first posted about him on her Instagram account, as she turned 21!

Most importantly in this adventure, Hailie’s famous dad reportedly approves of her relationship, which must be quite a relief for Evan!

“She has a boyfriend, but she’s doing great. She made me proud, that’s for sure,” Eminem mentioned during his visit to the Hot Boxin’ podcast in 2020.

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