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Happy Gilmore 2 seems to really be on Adam Sandler’s radar!
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Happy Gilmore, starring Adam Sandler, remains one of the most memorable films of the ’90s , and continues to be watched by generations.

Well, good news for fans, as it looks like the rumors of a potential sequel are true!

First, our very own Shooter McGavin, actor Christopher McDonald, recently revealed in a radio interview that Adam Sandler was working on the second installment, and had even shown him an almost-finished version of the script, reports Variety.

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In fact, our favorite Happy met his rival some time ago and gave him a glimpse of what awaits him in this second version.

For the moment, many details are still missing about this potential sequel, but it’s one step closer to a second Sandler hit.

What’s more, journalist and sports commentator Dan Patrick hinted that Adam Sandler himself had confirmed that the Happy Gilmore sequel was in development, and that the star had confirmed that he would be in the film, in his own role!

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So there you have it, two corroborating sources!

Would you like to see Happy again?

Sadly, Bob Barker and Carl Weathers (Chubbs), key characters in the first film, have passed away.

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Happy Gilmore, produced for 12 million U.S. dollars, raked in 41.2 million at the worldwide box office, before establishing itself as a cult film on video and propelling Adam Sandler’s career into the stratosphere.

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