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Jacques Villeneuve got married in a Las Vegas paddock during Grand Prix weekend!
Former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve added a whole new dimension to the excitement of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, as he and his partner were married in a specially built chapel in the paddock on November 16.

As part of the Race to the Altar campaign, the Las Vegas Grand Prix paddock was transformed into a chapel, and this unique initiative attracted several couples to get married, including Villeneuve and his new wife Marra, at the brand-new F1 venue!

The lovers exchanged vows in a motor-racing setting.

And the wedding between Villeneuve and Marra, his third wife, was of course presided over by an Elvis impersonator, as is tradition in Las Vegas! They were joined by friends, family and media representatives.

Jacques Villeneuve has a long history with Formula 1 racing.

Villeneuve, son of Gilles Villeneuve, who died tragically in 1982, carried on his father’s legacy by winning the F1 World Championship with Williams in 1997.

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