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Joe Biden just won’t quit and he even wrote a letter to Democrats
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In the face of mounting speculation and pressure, Joe Biden affirmed in a letter to his party that he would maintain his bid for the 2024 presidential election. In the letter, sent to the Democratic Congress on Monday, Biden stressed the importance of party unity. In his view, any division would diminish their chances of beating Donald Trump and the Republican MAGA in the next election.

Biden emphasized the need for Democrats to remain united in order to focus on their main goal: defeating Trump in the next election. With only 42 days left until the Democratic convention and 119 days until the general election, Biden stressed that their sole mission is to defeat Donald Trump. He added that a drop in determination or a blurring of their goals would only benefit Trump.

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The president’s message is intended to appease growing calls among Democrats for him to step aside. Acknowledging the concerns surrounding his campaign, he admitted to being aware of the criticism but reiterated his determination to stay in the race. He explained that he had had multiple discussions with Democratic leaders, party officials and voters, saying that he would not have chosen to run if he didn’t think he was the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024.

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Biden noted that he garnered more than 14 million votes in the Democratic primary and nearly 3,900 delegates, positioning him well ahead as the presumptive nominee. Democratic voters chose him as their representative, he recalled in his letter.

Biden asserts that the choice of the Democratic nominee must rest exclusively with the voters, and not with the press, pundits, big donors, or any select group of individuals, no matter how well-intentioned.

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Let’s not forget that Biden is facing pressures that are making his path to victory more difficult, especially since his rather disastrous first debate against rival Donald Trump.

Since that debate, Biden has stepped up his presence at rallies in key states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and has stepped up interviews to answer questions about his credentials.

The coming days will define the Democratic Party’s strategy for the November elections.

And the clock is ticking.

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