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Jon Bon Jovi delighted by his son’s wedding!
Credit: Getty Images

During an appearance on BBC‘s The One Show, rock star Jon Bon Jovi expressed his joy at confirming the marriage of his son Jake Bongiovi to actress Millie Bobby Brown. The ceremony took place in the strictest privacy, in the presence of just a few family members.

When asked his opinion of the newlyweds, he said the couple were wonderful and that his son Jake couldn’t be happier. He also mentioned that the wedding had been an intimate, family ceremony, and that the bride was simply gorgeous.

According to sources, the wedding took place over the weekend of May 18. Shortly after the ceremony, the newlyweds were seen strolling through the Hamptons in their Ford convertible.

Getty Images
The couple announced their engagement in April 2023 and have been happily married since 2021.

It would seem that this is just the beginning of a great love story.

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